Who is the “Delightee”? And who is the “Delighter”?

We use these terms to refer to those involved in our service.  As the one coming to our website and signing up for our service as a gift for a loved one, YOU are our Delighter.  Your elder loved one intended to receive this gift on a monthly basis is our Delightee. 

What is in the Senior Delight box?  

Every month, the contents will change but will be consistent with the themes mentioned here.  There will be activities and items including but not limited to personalized notes and photos, “senior-friendly” snacks or treats, short books, stationery, inspirational cards, décor, games, and MORE! 

Is this box for men or women?

Both! We can curate a personalized experience for individual males or females or couples.  While most of the items in our boxes each month are fairly gender-neutral, the initial information you provide will guide us on any pertinent information to ensure your Delightee(s) receive a spectacular surprise!

How do I include photos and/or a personal note?

Before the last day of each month, we ask that you email us the contents of the note you’d like to include as well as any photos. We will include up to 5 photos each month.  You can either send us more than that, and we will send out some each month, OR you can send new ones each month; whatever you prefer.  You can email us at info@seniordelight.com

Your survey seems lengthy. Do I have to fill out all of that information?

Short answer: no. There are some basic questions that are required, but otherwise, answers to the other questions just allow us to personalize and enhance your loved ones’ experience.   

Can I buy just one box?

Since we devote considerable capacity personalizing and optimizing each of our monthly boxed “experiences”, you must sign up for a membership.  As a member, you have the option to sign up for multiple months in advance to save money via one of our discounts, OR you can be on the auto-renewal each month.  With the month-to-month renewal, you can cancel at anytime. 

What is the deadline to submit photos or personalize notes?

Short answer: the last day of the month.  Longer answer: you can submit photos and notes in bulk to be used over the following few months either as you direct or as we include.  Or, you can submit new photos and notes each month, by the last day of the month, to be included in the box the following month.

When will my order ship each month? 

All boxes will be shipped on the 4th of each month.  Depending on where your loved one is located, you can expect for them to receive it within the following 2-6 days after shipping.

When will I be rebilled each month?

You will be re-billed on the 11th of each month to secure delivery of a box during the following month. 

What if my loved one does not like something in the box?

While we’d like to think that our experience in this space makes us “Senior Whisperers”, we recognize that everyone has different tastes. In anticipation of that, we have included an explanation of what the box is all about, and we’ve also encouraged your loved one to share anything they don’t want or need in their box to someone who they think would benefit from a fun surprise.  Kind of like “pay-it-forward”, as seniors become less mobile or fiscally independent, their opportunities to surprise someone with a random gift decreases. This facilitates an experience for them to make someone else’s day, which is a gift in itself. :)

What if my loved one can no longer receive this box?

We understand that things can change with this population, so we handle these issues on a case by case basis. Depending on the situation, we can offer a partial refund, and/or we can arrange to have a gift given to another senior who would so appreciate the surprise; the gift would be given in honor of your loved one. Please contact us via email if this is a concern of yours.